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Playoffs for Div 30/30 and Div 40/40 started last weekend. Stay tuned for the results

Mwcc beats MichCA by 81 runs to become Great Lakes region Champion in the ACCL games. Mwcc will now go to Orlando to defend their ACF nationals title. Mannan Patel is the MoM for scoring outstanding 90 runs for Mwcc.

Anjuman-1 are the champions of the ALNT-2014. They beat Challengers by 2 runs in a closely fought finals on Aug 8th.
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MWCC 2015 - Announcement

Please see the attached document for the upcoming 2015 deadlines including registration, general meeting, scheduling and payment methods. MWCC 2015


Top Performers - 2014

Div 40-40 Batting
Murtaza Majid1057081.43
Fahad Babar1150756.33
Mohsin Khan1142060.00
Division 30-30 Batting
Abhijit Joshi1240940.90
Sajid Ali1338738.70
Jay Desai1338134.64
ALNT Batting
Fahad Babar3112112.00
Shakeeb Aijaz38729.00
Sandeep dhar27738.50
Div 40-40 Bowling
Usman Malik142714.04
Umair Azeem122713.63
Shahbaz Malik142614.58
Division 30-30 Bowling
Jaimin Patel13288.93
Amit D Jr12278.15
Abhijit Joshi11236.17
ALNT Bowling
Bhavesh Amin385.25
pritesh patel389.50
Donieke Perrin275.29