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First GM for MWCC Season 2015 to be held at Hanover Park Park District on 21st Feb, 2015 from 2 PM onwards. Make plans to send a representative from your team to get all the exciting news/updates about the upcoming season.
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MWCC - Season 2015 - Meetings

MWCC 2015 - Announcement

Please see the attached document for the upcoming 2015 deadlines including registration, general meeting, scheduling and payment methods. MWCC 2015


Top Performers - 2014

Div 40-40 Batting
Murtaza Majid1057081.43
Fahad Babar1150756.33
Mohsin Khan1142060.00
Division 30-30 Batting
Abhijit Joshi1240940.90
Sajid Ali1338738.70
Jay Desai1338134.64
ALNT Batting
Fahad Babar3112112.00
Shakeeb Aijaz38729.00
Sandeep dhar27738.50
Div 40-40 Bowling
Usman Malik142714.04
Umair Azeem122713.63
Shahbaz Malik142614.58
Division 30-30 Bowling
Jaimin Patel13288.93
Amit D Jr12278.15
Abhijit Joshi11236.17
ALNT Bowling
Bhavesh Amin385.25
pritesh patel389.50
Donieke Perrin275.29